Howdy Haters

from by Rakontyr Clique

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What do you say to somebody you see
Who’s dissin you cause they got insecurities
You say, “howdy howdy howdy howdy
Hater hater hater hater"

Pullin up in my mercedes and I’m getting’ all the ladies/
But we dealin’ with them haters cause they girls wanna date us/
And they know that I’m the greatest, so they’re checkin’ out my gators/
Cuz they know I keep it movin’ so I’m never on hiatus/
My pimpin is so heinus I walk up to girls like “hey miss”/
You need to get with me, cuz we them rap entertainers
And sometimes I don’t even have to bother… sayinthis
Cause the money speaks for itself, that’s why I’ve got some many haters

Got my first paycheck, so I’m gonna spend it right/
With so many ice on my hands, I almost got frost bite/
And they know that, Cuz’ I’m all about that money/
I’m so fly, I’m about to rhyme the word “money” with the word “money”/
buckets of cash and chilled Alize/
Ain’t related to the verse, but they sound cool to say/
Scissor doors on the ghini, so watch that Lam chop/
Buy my album so I can afford what I’m talkin’ about!/

Now as for me, I’ve always evaded the suckers
Who determine their self-worth on the hatred of others
Cause how you gonna say hate’s the basis for ya energy
So every location you play in’s filled with your enemies?
Naw, Cause if no one wanted to see ya prosper
Who would be throwin down money to be at your concert
So check it, focus on that love instead
And get that negative shit outta ya fuckin’ head


from Style Clashes, released January 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Masta Artisan North Carolina

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