from by Rakontyr Clique




Fuck the hood in general, lemme get critical
Just for a second, America, I grew up in the poor section
Of your mess and with no direction, it was depressin’
I saw roaches, hunger, self-hate, and broken homes
And too many young men dead from smokin’ chrome
And I was told this was supposed to be fabulous
But that shit don’t add up when you see just how bad it gets
And I HATE that all of this is synonymous with black
Don’t give a FUCK about nostalgia, I’m NEVER goin’ back

FUCK THE HOOD, and all the foul shit it represents
FUCK THE HOOD, ‘cause all the progress that it prevents
“FUCK THE HOOD” Yeah, it’s a place that’s still close to me
but FUCK THE HOOD, cause it ain’t where we’re supposed to be

You think people end up in the ghetto unfortunately
And My people happen to be there disproportionally
Truth is, in addition to racist motherfuckers
It’s the fault of turnin a blind eye to those who suffer
The ones who stood by and did nothing while they were signing
Racist shit from Black Codes to today with redlining
Oh yeah, look up that bit of niceness
For those who think we stayed in the hood of our own devices
What, you think when Civil Rights just repealed some racist policies
They said, “oops, our bad, right this way to equality!”
But since we’ve grown up with poverty as the rule
We try to cope by telling ourselves this shit is cool,
But, naw…

Such potential unrealized…
So many of our dreams denied…
All my people tryin’ to survive
You’ve got power please don’t idly stand by


The shit is like a haunted house, I’m the voice in the back tellin’ you to get the fuck out


from Style Clashes, released January 1, 2017




Masta Artisan North Carolina

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